There are many cleaning jobs available in and around the London area offering full time, part time, evening and temporary employment for people from all walks of life. Generally, London based applicants for cleaning vacancies will not require any official qualifications, but will be expected to be able to speak and understand English, have a trustworthy character and in some instances hold a full UK driving licence. Certain employers will expect you to undergo a background check to check your suitability for the position (particularly in schools, hospitals, police stations, courts etc).

Cleaning is one area to remain fairly unaffected by difficult economic conditions, as it is vital to businesses and establishments in all sectors, from professional organisations and businesses to schools and hospitals. Job security is therefore considered relatively high.

Working for a London based Cleaning Agency

Many London based businesses, small, medium and large in size, will employ the services of a cleaning agency. These professional organisations are employed to provide full cleaning services that can be tailor made to suit the business’ needs on a daily, weekly or monthly basis as required. Office cleaning will generally take place outside of normal working hours, so many employees will work early evening or early morning shifts.

A large number of NHS hospitals in and around London also employ the services of outside cleaning teams, who undertake a variety of cleaning tasks on a 24-hour basis.

Finding a job with a London based cleaning agency is a great way to secure long-term employment. Some of the key points to consider when working for a cleaning agency include:

  • Daily work, possibly in a variety of locations if the contracts held are not daily
  • You do not have to approach the organisations for work, the agency will negotiate everything and if one contract is lost it is possible there are other establishments which you will be moved to
  • You will be provided with all cleaning materials required for the job
  • You will be trained
  • You may receive a uniform
  • You may benefit from a pension scheme

To find a suitable job vacancy with a cleaning agency you need to do your research and approach the agencies directly, expressing your interest and previous experience. Some of the best cleaning agencies in London include:

Alesta Cleaning Services London
9 Starboard Way
E14 8PE

SOS Cleaning Services Ltd
27 Old Gloucester Street

All Clean Services Ltd
37B New Cavendish Street

Try contacting these agencies directly to enquire about any current vacancies. You should send them a copy of your CV and detail any experience you have gained in the past. Ideally, you should include any references and recommendations you have gained from previous employers.

Domestic Cleaning Jobs in London

London is the heart of the UK’s business industry and attracts people from across the globe, many of whom work considerable hours and rely on the services of a domestic cleaner. Domestic cleaning can be split into two categories; cleaning only and housekeeping.

Cleaning only – to assist an individual or family with their cleaning needs, the individual will generally be paid per hour and the work can be as infrequent as once or twice per month. You will be expected to undertake all cleaning tasks, such as vacuuming, dusting and general tidying. If you are self-employed and for a private individual you will find that payment is often made in hand and contracts can be very informal.

Housekeeping includes tasks such as ironing and laundry, cooking and shopping and instead of being classed as a cleaner you will generally be called a housekeeper. Many families using the services of a housekeeper will also employ a nanny or au pair so you would need to be able to work within a team. In some instances will include live-in accommodation.

As domestic cleaners are working in somebody’s home it is likely that a security check would need to be completed. You would also be expected to be fluent in English, possibly hold a full driving licence, be well presented with impeccable standards of hygiene and have a friendly personality.

Salaries for domestic cleaners and housekeepers can vary dramatically and usually reflect the type of establishment you are working within. In high earning areas of the city, such as Belgravia, Knightsbridge and Chelsea earnings can reach around £40,000p.a for a full time housekeeper.

How do I find details of Cleaning and Housekeeping Jobs in London?

There are numerous ways individuals will recruit domestic cleaners or housekeepers. Classified adverts in the local press are popular, as are online advertisements. is a great place to find a variety of job advertisements in an around the London area. You can refine your search using a variety of keywords such as “cleaner” or “domestic cleaner” or even “cleaning agencies”.

In addition to placing classified adverts, many individuals will use an agency to screen and recommend individuals for cleaning vacancies. Some of the best include:

Randolph Recruitment
Shakespeare House
168 Lavender Hill
London SW11 5TG

Register online with Randolphs at

Happy Home Childcare
(Ideal for those seeking a domestic vacancy with children).
57-61 Mortimer Street

Council Cleaning Jobs in London

Your local council is a major employer of cleaners and around the London area there are a significant number of council owned businesses and establishments which need cleaners.

These establishments include schools, social services buildings, certain hospitals, and libraries. If you secure a cleaning job with your local council you will benefit from a great level of pay with will be reviewed regularly and relatively secure employment.

To find details of cleaning jobs with specific London councils you should contact your council directly. You can contact them over the telephone, by email or in person. Alternatively, you should seek the advice from your careers advisor at your local job centre. Finally, keep checking the notice boards in the council operated establishments. Libraries in particular often have a number of council cleaning jobs vacancies on display.


I didn’t do very well at school, to be honest I really struggled and I just wanted to get out of there. I knew I wasn’t going to do well in the exams, so what was the point? I didn’t really think about finding a job, as a teenager I just presumed it would all work out somehow.

I left school having failed most of my GCSEs as expected and started to enjoy my freedom. It was great for a few weeks, until I suddenly realised all my friends had some sort of plan and I suddenly felt very left out. Some were going back to school to take A-Levels, others had jobs lined up already, some were going travelling. Everyone had something except for me. I felt really cross, like they’d all conspired against me. I decided that they were stupid, and that I was going to enjoy my freedom and sit around being lazy watching daytime television while I could. There was plenty of time for working. Along with marriage, kids and mortgages, these were things for the future, and definitely not for me right now!

Well this didn’t work for long. My parents soon got fed up of me sitting around the house in my pyjamas all day and I was nagged constantly. I wanted my own place but there was no way I could afford to rent even the smallest London bedsit. I thought about going off travelling but I couldn’t afford that either. The worst thing though was that I couldn’t even go out and enjoy myself. All my old friends were now earning, they could go out every weekend to expensive clubs in their new clothes. Sometimes they invited me along and paid for a drink or two for me, but I found it depressing. It was like they were part of another world now, a grown-up world of work, and I had been left behind.

It was then by chance that I was sat at home when a friend of my mum’s called round. I made her a coffee while we waited for mum to come back from the shops, and she told me she worked for a cleaning company. I turned my nose up at first but then I thought if I could put up with it for a bit, at least  I could enjoy myself at the weekends and perhaps even get my own place! So I asked a bit more about the job and I am so glad I did. All the jobs were London based, she told me, so they were easy to get to. I’d get a uniform so I wouldn’t have to spend my money on clothes, and she also said, they had a laugh. You know. I hadn’t even thought about the fact that there might be a job out there I’d enjoy!

So the next day I called the company, got an interview and straight away got the job, cleaning offices in central London with a team of other girls, some my age and some older. That was three years ago and I’m still doing it, and I LOVE it! Some of the jobs aren’t much fun, but together we get it done. I’ve made loads of new friends, and as I can choose to work nights or days it’s really flexible and I can do loads of overtime. I’ve even managed to move out of home and now share a flat with one of my work mates.

There are tons of jobs in London, so if you too are feeling fed up, give something a go, you might find you like it!


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