Cleaning Qualifications

If you want your application to stand out from the crowd when applying for a cleaning job, how about taking a cleaning qualification? Most people don’t even realise there are such qualifications, but City and Guilds run several cleaning related courses for all levels, including qualifications for supervisors. This could really give you an advantage over other candidates applying for the same jobs as you, or help you advance in your current cleaning position.

These course run at many schools and colleges around London. They are part time courses and are often run as night classes so you can study while you work.

The qualification ‘Award, Certificate and Diploma in Cleaning and Cleaning Supervision’ would be a good place to start. If you’re new to cleaning jobs then Level 1 is the best course to go for. You’ll learn all the basics of hygiene, teamwork and safety. You can then go on to study at Level 2 where you can choose to specialise in a particular aspect of cleaning eg. floor cleaning, or street cleaning. You may then like to study at Level 3. This qualification will teach you management and supervisory skills as well as lessons in how to control resources and manage staff.

Not only will this look good on your job applications, you’ll learn a lot too. At Level 1 you’ll cover the proper use of equipment, how to store and use cleaning chemicals properly and which products to best use in particular scenarios. You’ll also get valuable tips on recycling and even what to do with a suspicious package. You’ll be prepared for any eventuality!

Level 2 will help you specialise. You can learn about working safely at heights, or how to clean in high risk areas. This could be an invaluable qualification if you decide to apply for work cleaning in a hospital for example.

Level 3 will teach you how to manage people and run a business. You’ll learn about recruitment, how to implement new systems and resolve customer service issues. If you want to run your own cleaning business then this would an incredibly useful course.

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