Domestic Cleaning – Don’t Miss Anything

Domestic cleaning is a competitive business here in London, make sure you’re the best by being thorough. The following tips will hopefully be of use.

Make a checklist. If you clean with a partner, divide the tasks up into individual jobs, and those that you do together, and share out the jobs that only need one person. You’ll get finished much quicker if you know what you are doing in advance.

Firstly lets look at the kitchen. Clean the cooker, if you’re doing a deep clean then clean the oven too. Don’t forget the cooker hood which can collect a lot of grease. Clean the fronts of appliances, don’t forget on top of the fridge! It’s easy to forget the tops if you’re not very tall, but if your clients are taller then you, they might well notice straight away! Wipe the fronts of cabinets, clean and polish the sink and taps – a shiny sink is always impressive. Empty the bin, mop the floor and check for cobwebs!

Next the bathroom. A thorough clean of the suite is obvious, check behind too where dust can gather. Clean soap and toothbrush holders. Polish the taps and any mirrors. Clean the floor and check for cobwebs. Don’t forget the floor too. Empty the bin.

Moving on to the reception rooms and bedrooms, dust everything, don’t forget light fittings or ceiling fans. Polish all glass and mirrors, check the windowsills. Get rid of cobwebs, check behind hanging curtains.  Hoover the carpets, empty the bin. Run a cloth over the skirting boards and polish light switches for a great finish. If you’re working on a bedroom then change the linen and leave the bed looking spotless and inviting. This is a job most suited to two.

It’s the finishing touches, the ‘wow factor’ that make you stand out, those sparkling taps and polished light switches. Or perhaps you offer extra services such as a full bathroom steam clean or mattress cleaning service?

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