Cleaning – A Low Stress Career Choice?

Living in London can be stressful, always lively and exciting it can be great living in London, but working and living in the city can get too much, and for some people, ditching their high power, high salary jobs to be a cleaner, isn’t as crazy as it sounds.

For many years, cleaning jobs were often dismissed as menial work for those who couldn’t do anything else. These days there’s a definite move towards taking cleaning jobs as a lower stress option.

Nowadays we are far more aware of the impact of stress on our health, and are now weighing up those costs against the high salaries that often go hand in hand with high stress jobs. We now value our mental health as well as our physical health, and are more aware of the links between the two.

Cleaning jobs can be the answer for some people wanting an easier pace of life. If you’ve always dreamed of being your own boss, then a small cleaning business could be for you. Or for the ultimate stress free job, sign up with a cleaning agency. They will sort out the jobs for you, provide you with a uniform, and deal with the clients.

A friend of mine went on maternity leave from her job in a high profile London advertising agency and never returned. She is now an office cleaner. She has no regrets. She has taken a big cut in salary but she tells me the work is really flexible and she’s able to save a fortune on childcare by doing night time and early morning cleaning work, while her husband is home to take care of the baby.

She tells me she is surprised to discover that she does find job satisfaction in cleaning, leaving an office sparkling and tidy each day. I asked her what the best thing was about the job, and she told me that it was simply the fact that she left the job behind when she took off her cleaners uniform. She has her evenings back to herself again without a backlog of paperwork and projects always in her mind. She now dedicates her evenings and weekends to her family and she’s learnt to relax again. Her migraines have gone and she feels generally healthier. I asked if she would recommend it for others and she said most definitely as long as you can afford it, it’s like a holiday from stress. Would she go back to the office job? Possibly, but perhaps only part time.

So if you’re thinking of giving up the rat race and becoming a cleaner, what opportunities are there for you? Well, there are loads of cleaning jobs in London. You can go to an agency, or look for a post with a cleaning company. Try your local job centre or online job agencies. Also have a think about the type of cleaning you think would suit you best. You could advertise your services as a domestic cleaner, or try your hand at office cleaning or become a chambermaid. For the hardier cleaners there are many industrial cleaning positions too.

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