Cleaning Isn’t a Dead End Job

People often think cleaning jobs have no prospects, they’re often classed as ‘dead end’ jobs that go nowhere. Work you’d only do for the immediate cash. If they were to think about it a little longer rather than dismissing it out of hand however, they’d have to see that this just isn’t true, and especially not true in London where there are so many options for expanding and building a business.

I know several people who started out with very modest cleaning jobs in London, who have turned them into a thriving profitable business. Looking at cleaning as a career and a business rather than just a job can really alter your perspective and help you take it further than you ever thought possible.

James was made redundant with very little notice, and feeling a little let down by his employers felt that working for himself, being his own boss would be good. He started a small window cleaning round in his area, over the next few months he expanded this to cover a wider area of London. The money he made cleaning windows he saved, until he had enough to invest in ladders and pulleys to then be able to clean the windows of large buildings and office blocks. This is when the business really took off. James now employs a team of five window cleaners and the business is going from strength to strength.

Sue has a similar story, when her youngest child started school she was looking around for a flexible part time job. A friend who worked long hours was looking for a cleaner and Sue decided that this would be perfect for her. After a few weeks Sue was asked by another friend if she’d be interested in doing her domestic cleaning too, and from there it went on. That was ten years ago. Sue now runs a very successful domestic cleaning agency. So successful she now has a team of cleaners working for her, and Sue works full time in the office. She’s looking forward to an early retirement.

There are always ways to grow a business. Even if you are a cleaning employee, you can learn a lot of valuable skills before setting out on your own. Think about your job as a career, think of directions in which you can take it, save up your profits and invest in the business.

Finding a unique niche can help, what can you do that others can’t? Is there a service your clients often ask for but you’re unable to offer? Is there a better more efficient way of doing a certain task? The trick is not to get blinkered and bogged down in the day to day running of the business, but to constantly be looking at the future and the potential of the business to grow. Can you expand the business into other geographical areas? Who says you have to only work in your area? London is a big place, then there are other towns and cities. Can you travel? Can you sell a franchise of your business?

With time and patience cleaning doesn’t have to be a dead end job anymore than any other. There are opportunities and potential, but it’s down to you to realise them. Good luck!

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