Cleaning Jobs in a London Hotel

As the owner of a medium sized hotel in North London, I’ve been asked to write this article about cleaning jobs in our hotel.

Right, well I think first it’s worth mentioning what we’re looking for in our cleaners to help you get past the interview stage. Experience in cleaning work is a bonus point, but not at all necessary, the work isn’t too tricky and we believe we can teach you everything you’ll need to know.

General work experience is more important to us. We want to know you’re dependable and hard working, so we will be checking you references.

We don’t have any restrictions on age or sex, as long as you’re fit enough to do the job, Our teams work quickly so you’ll need to be able to keep up!

Most important to us is your attitude and personality. Even though it is a cleaning job, we encourage our cleaning staff to be helpful and friendly to our guests.

We also want you to be smart, clean and tidy.

Now we’ll look at the job itself.

When you arrive on your first day we’ll give you a tour of the hotel and explain how all the different areas are run, we’ll give you some information about the hotel such as breakfast times and checkout times which we’ll expect you to memorise so you can help out guests if they should ask.

We don’t provide a uniform, we ask that you wear a white top and a navy skirt or trousers and flat black shoes.

We several cleaning roles in the hotel and for the most part the staff work on a rota, either bedrooms or the rest of hotel, swapping over every few weeks. We find having a change of scene works best for our staff, and it helps that everyone knows all the jobs so anyone can fill in at short notice when someone is away ill.

The room cleaners work in teams of  three. One person will clean the bathroom, replacing the towels and toiletries. The other two will work in bedroom area, we find it’s much quicker to have two people making the beds.

You’ll also take your turn cleaning the rest of the hotel in general, including the dining room after services and the back of house areas. The only areas that you won’t be involved in cleaning are the kitchens, they are cleaned by our kitchen staff, and the pool and outside areas.

Our current rate of pay is £8 an hour and you will work part time. Usually starting early morning and finishing early afternoon.

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