Cleaning London Offices – Perfect For Me

I didn’t do very well at school, to be honest I really struggled and I just wanted to get out of there. I knew I wasn’t going to do well in the exams, so what was the point? I didn’t really think about finding a job, as a teenager I just presumed it would all work out somehow.

I left school having failed most of my GCSEs as expected and started to enjoy my freedom. It was great for a few weeks, until I suddenly realised all my friends had some sort of plan and I suddenly felt very left out. Some were going back to school to take A-Levels, others had jobs lined up already, some were going travelling. Everyone had something except for me. I felt really cross, like they’d all conspired against me. I decided that they were stupid, and that I was going to enjoy my freedom and sit around being lazy watching daytime television while I could. There was plenty of time for working. Along with marriage, kids and mortgages, these were things for the future, and definitely not for me right now!

Well this didn’t work for long. My parents soon got fed up of me sitting around the house in my pyjamas all day and I was nagged constantly. I wanted my own place but there was no way I could afford to rent even the smallest London bedsit. I thought about going off travelling but I couldn’t afford that either. The worst thing though was that I couldn’t even go out and enjoy myself. All my old friends were now earning, they could go out every weekend to expensive clubs in their new clothes. Sometimes they invited me along and paid for a drink or two for me, but I found it depressing. It was like they were part of another world now, a grown-up world of work, and I had been left behind.

It was then by chance that I was sat at home when a friend of my mum’s called round. I made her a coffee while we waited for mum to come back from the shops, and she told me she worked for a cleaning company. I turned my nose up at first but then I thought if I could put up with it for a bit, at least  I could enjoy myself at the weekends and perhaps even get my own place! So I asked a bit more about the job and I am so glad I did. All the jobs were London based, she told me, so they were easy to get to. I’d get a uniform so I wouldn’t have to spend my money on clothes, and she also said, they had a laugh. You know. I hadn’t even thought about the fact that there might be a job out there I’d enjoy!

So the next day I called the company, got an interview and straight away got the job, cleaning offices in central London with a team of other girls, some my age and some older. That was three years ago and I’m still doing it, and I LOVE it! Some of the jobs aren’t much fun, but together we get it done. I’ve made loads of new friends, and as I can choose to work nights or days it’s really flexible and I can do loads of overtime. I’ve even managed to move out of home and now share a flat with one of my work mates.

There are tons of jobs in London, so if you too are feeling fed up, give something a go, you might find you like it!

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