The Diversity of Cleaning Jobs In London

With little outlay, a bit of elbow grease and a perfectionist personality, there are so many opportunities to earn money cleaning in London.

When we think of cleaners, we may first think of the domestic cleaner. Completing ordinary household cleaning tasks for people who don’t have the time to do it themselves, or are rich enough not to have to!

This can be a great job. You’re unlikely to come across any jobs you’re unable to handle as you’ll have done most of them in your own home anyway. Often domestic cleaning can be fitted around school hours, or worked around another part time job. If you offer laundry or ironing services as well, then these can be completed in your own home while looking after the kids or watching television. A really simple way of making a bit of extra cash without having to go out to work and the complications that brings with finding childcare.

There are also a vast number of businesses in London, most of which hire cleaners. Office cleaning is usually done out of hours, either in the evening, during the night, or very early in morning, making it another ideal job to fit around a normal day job. If you’re desperate for extra cash, you can often find an office cleaning job outside of the hours of your usual job, to supplement your income.

Think hard though about the sort cleaning you’re prepared to do. There will be some grotty jobs whatever type of cleaning you do, it goes with the territory, but office cleaning, emptying litter bins, dusting desks, will be more fitting for some people than cleaning in a medical environment etc. There are even teams who clean up crime scenes. Obviously you have to be a particular type of person to be able to deal with something like that, but the more unappealing a job is to most people, the more lucrative it will be and the less competition you’ll have, especially if you can specialise and build up your expert knowledge in your field.

Perhaps you could specialise in deep cleaning restaurant kitchens or become an expert on toxic substance disposal.

Larger businesses usually employ an agency for their cleaning, and there are many agencies that deal with domestic cleaners too. If you want a cleaning job without the hassle of being self employed or having to find your own clients, then this might be a good option for you. There are loads of agencies in London. Use a search engine or look in the phone book to find them.

You could always contact your local council. They employ cleaners, and also may have cleaning projects that are a little different such as cleaning rubbish out of a canal, or litter picking in a park. Short term projects such as these can be fun and easily fitted around other work to make some extra money quickly.

With a little extra outlay there are other cleaning jobs you can do. Window cleaning, carpet cleaning, car washing are all viable small businesses. Just remember, you must register with the tax office as self employed before you start trading. They can fine you if you don’t. You’ll need to keep accounts and submit your yearly self assessment tax form. You can hire an accountant for this, but the forms really aren’t too complicated and I’d suggest giving it a go yourself and saving yourself the accountant fees!

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