How To Get More Cleaning Jobs

So you’ve set up a cleaning business, you know you can do the work, but how do you get the clients? Firstly make a list of all the services you can offer. Anything that might make you stand out from the crowd, or services that potential clients might not have thought you offered. Can you offer carpet cleaning, mattress cleaning, or a take away and return duvet service? Can you clean houses or offices out of normal working hours? Have a think about any specialist equipment you have and then think of other ways to use it. If you have a carpet cleaner, you could offer a service whereby you collect all the rugs from a household, and return them clean and dry. That’s a much better service for the customer than them having damp rugs in the house and something your competitors may not have thought to offer.

Armed with your list of services first contact everyone you know, if your business is new, start with friends, offer a ‘mates rates’ discount to get them interested. This way you’ll feel less nervous, and they’re more likely to be tolerant of any initial teething problems.

Word of mouth recommendations are very valuable, so obviously do a great job but also encourage your clients to tell their friends. Get some business cards or leaflets printed and ask if you can leave a few with them. It’s no good your client enthusiastically telling their friends how great your cleaning job was if they can’t remember your name and don’t have your number to pass on!

Keep your business cards with you at all times. You never know whom you might get chatting to in a queue or on the bus! Also keep an eye out for notice boards of business cards in sandwich shops, pubs, local stores etc. Also look for those small local shops that have postcards in the window that you pay a small amount to advertise on. If you find one that does this, get on the website, print out a list of store locations and go and visit them all. Some supermarkets offer a similar service, often for no charge.

Next think about a website. It can be costly but it doesn’t need to be. For a small cleaning business you can have a very small, simple site. Do you know a student that could help? Do you have some IT skill and could go on a course to learn how to make your own?

Once you have a website, you can look at swapping links with other local businesses and getting listed in various directories of local services. Use Google, find out where your competitors advertise.

You could also partner up with complementary companies not online. Perhaps a house clearance company could recommend your services and vice versa. Or maybe you could offer a commission to anyone recommending you.

Leaflet drops can be time consuming, ask around friends and find some teenagers willing to help out for some extra pocket money.  Look into the advertising costs of local magazines and free press. If you know someone who already runs their own business have a chat with them, find out what works for them and what hasn’t. If they’ve made costly mistakes then you can learn from them!

Finally, keep in touch with your clients. If you’re cleaning carpets for example, it could be a year or two before they need your services again. Make sure they remember you when the time comes. Keep a list of contacts and keep in touch. Perhaps send a Christmas card with a discount coupon in it? You could also do this via email to cut costs.

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