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Very few positions transcend and cross the lines between various industries and if you’re looking for a little variety for a job, one of the positions you have to consider is an office cleaning job. In this particular position, you’ll be working in a career that provides for flexibility as well as growth. From the lowest ranks of office cleaning, you can end up in a supervisory position.

Aside from the potential for growth, working on office cleaning jobs is quite simple. You’ll have to know how to make use of various cleaning equipment and what the right cleaning agent to use for a particular situation would be but after that, there’s nothing else that would stress you out in this job. You just have to fulfill your duties, empty out the trash cans, vacuum the floors, dust the tables, ensure that everything is spic and span for work the next day.

If you have a special interest in a particular industry for example, you can get a good look at it when you’re working on an office cleaning job. Let’s say you apply for a position cleaning schools and you’re interested in how the education system works. You’ll have an inside look into what goes on behind the scenes of the most popular and established schools. Based on statistics, office cleaners who work in schools also get the most income. Working on cleaning the office of a small business, you can get a good enough salary but if you work for a school, you’ll have something more to live on and buy all your needs and wants with.

As an office cleaner, you can work in a variety of industries. The work is pretty much the same across the board but you’ll get variety with the environment and the people you deal with.

Office Cleaner Duties

Working as an office cleaner, you’ll have a number of duties to take care of. If you’re working for a small office, you can be on your own as a cleaner making sure that the office is ready for the workers to work undistracted in the office hours. For larger corporations and organizations, you’ll most likely be sharing the position as office cleaner with a number of other people. There might be designations for custodian in larger businesses but essentially, you’ll be taking care of the upkeep of the premises.

Anything from the simplest duties like dusting tables and cabinets to the most complex like carpentry and repair and maintenance could make up your duties. When you’ve succeeded in getting an office cleaning job in any place in the UK, the common trend is the company itself will provide for the cleaning materials and tools. If you’re working for a well-established company, you’ll have state of the art appliances and cleaning tools to do your work with like high speed burnishers, floor scrubbers and the like.

You could be working on your own time if you have an office cleaning job. For the most part, office cleaning starts at the end of office hours and the janitor will be the only one in the premises doing cleaning. With other office cleaning jobs, you might have to work in a schedule.

There can be schedules where you’ll be working together in the office with the other office workers and you can get a schedule where you’ll only have to be responsible for the cleanliness and upkeep of the lobby.

With any kind of schedule you get as office cleaner and whatever duty you have, working in an office cleaning job can be a very rewarding and fulfilling type of job position.

If you’re planning on working in an office cleaning job, it won’t matter what kind of company or office you’re doing the cleaning for, you have to have a process with the way you clean the office. There are things you have to do daily and there are things you have to do weekly, twice a month and once every six months if you’re to succeed in an office cleaning job. If you’re applying for an office cleaning job in companies directly, you might need to have some special skills with cleaning. You also have to know how to operate the most basic cleaning equipment.

For office cleaning jobs in small office, the work would relatively be easier. With a smaller space to work with, you can ensure all on your own (or with another cleaner) that the various rooms of the office are spic and span by the time workers come in the next day. Office cleaning procedure is essentially the same with big corporations and small businesses. For your daily duties, dusting various surfaces like filing cabinets and desks has to be done. Emptying trash cans is also a daily if not a few hours interval responsibility. If you work directly for the office, you have to ensure that trash cans never get full by doing rounds after every three to five hours.

Any glass surface has to be wiped clean of smudges and fingerprints. Hard surface floors have to be mopped and carpets have to be vacuumed. If you notice dirty spots on mats and carpets, you have to do spot cleaning with cleaning aids like Spot Care. As for tile floors like the ones in bathrooms, these have to be cleaned with Neutra Clean. Dirty spots on walls also have to be spot cleaned with products like Knockout Cleaner.

Finding Office Cleaning Jobs In London

When you look through the classified ads and the list of vacancies online for office cleaning jobs in the UK, you’ll be given pages and pages to work with. Even if you make your search more detailed and filtered for a specific location, you’ll still have a handful of choices. For example, if you look for office cleaning jobs in Essex, you’ll have at least five to choose from. It will all be up to you now if you want to work for a small office or apply for a job as one of the cleaners in a cleaning business.

If you’ve got enough skills with office cleaning, you can stop looking through the classifieds for office cleaning jobs and start your own office cleaning business. You’ll be catering to other people who work in a different industry who have no time to keep their office and premises clean. Out of the wide array of businesses, this is one that you can start right away with only a minimal amount of capital. As for the cleaning schedule, you can do your office cleaning job after office hours but some offices will allow you to operate your business at the same time as office hours.

From this description alone, you know you’ll have a lot of flexibility with office cleaning jobs and an office cleaning business. If you’re serious about setting up your own office cleaning business, you can start to process your license. Once that’s checked off, you can start getting clients. If you are having a hard time attracting clients, you can start small by providing office cleaning services for small offices and small business enterprises. You have to make sure you always do a great job so you’re reputation will grow as you warmed up and get ready to take on bigger companies and larger offices.

A great number of jobs provide variety, challenge and growth. One such position that’s doesn’t require you to get a degree in rocket science is office cleaner. As an office cleaner, you’ll have a lot of growth if you do your job well and find satisfaction with the myriad of responsibilities and duties you have to keep. Office cleaning jobs can be found from office cleaning businesses that needs people to do the cleaning for their clients and you can also find them when you look through vacancies in offices. Although they have their own cleaning crew, they might be in need of more people to ensure that the office is in a clean and pristine running order.

In building your client base, your best referral would be performing a good job. If you have a small business as a client for example and you do your very best as office cleaner to keep the upkeep of the office, you can easily get recommended to work for bigger companies. If you also add a little extra with the services you provide like landscaping for example, you’ll have a better potential of expanding your horizons.

As for the duties, you’ll have a number of them to work on daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. You’ll have a lot to keep you busy. Office cleaning is a job that’s very simple but it can also be very rewarding. For the job you do, you could rise up through the ranks and get to be office cleaner supervisor. In this particular position, you’ll have more in the way of salary. With your experience and skills, you could make up to four times more than what you started with. With the office cleaning job, you also have time to yourself in the daytime. Most office cleaning jobs occur when offices are closed for the day.

Tools For Office Cleaning

If you’ve tried your hand at various office cleaning jobs and you think you’re ready to establish your own office cleaning business, it can be a pretty easy process getting clients and customers when you have already established a good reputation. When you set up your own office cleaning business, you’ll have a job that provides you freedom and convenience. You can set your own hours to work in great offices. You can choose to do your cleaning job once everyone is done with their work at the office or do your task during office hours.

Building a reputation in an office cleaning job can be difficult if you don’t have the right equipment. This is why you have to invest in quality office cleaning tools when you want to be an office cleaner. First off, buy a good quality commercial grade vacuum cleaner. With equipment like the Kent Carpet Express, you’ll have something to help you do an efficient daily job of vacuuming mats, runners and carpeted floors. You also need to invest in efficient carpet cleaner like the Rotovac 360 or products like Kleenrit or Mytee for doing deep carpet cleaning.

Perhaps your best friend in the office cleaning industry will be a mop and a Rubbermaid bucket wringer. With this tool, you’ll have something that can hold 26 quarts of cleaning agent as well as is equipped with wheels so you can easily move from office to office mopping floors. If the place you’re doing office cleaning jobs doesn’t provide for it, you can easily purchase quality gloves, sponges and cleaning cloths from janitorial stores in your area or over the internet.

When you have the best equipment, you can do your office cleaning job more efficiently. If you have an office cleaning business of your own, it’s necessary to come well equipped and well armed with cleaning tools.

One of the busiest jobs where you’ll be doing a lot is office cleaning jobs. Your schedule won’t  be as hectic as the schedule that jobs in other industries have but essentially, you’ll have responsibilities and duties that are scheduled for the whole day, the week, the month and even twice a year. Many office cleaning jobs gives off the flexibility you need. You can successfully juggle two jobs with an office cleaning job at night and another kind of job in the daytime. When office hours are over, you can simply go to the office and start cleaning.

Together with your daily tasks, you have to fit in some weekly duties as well like on a Friday if that’s the last day of work for the office. Telephones, keyboards and calculators have to be cleaned thoroughly. You can use any one of the best spray disinfectants in the market for this.  Tables and desks in the office also have to be polished on a weekly basis. If horizontal surfaces have to be clean daily, you’ll have the end of the work week to clean vertical surfaces. Take note especially on surfaces at the eye level.

With regard to heating vents, door jambs, ledges and window sills, these also have to be dusted at the end of the work week. If you spot clean tiles and hard surfaces every day, the end of the weeks is the time to mop the whole floor. If you’re dealing with heavily soiled floors doing your office cleaning job, you can rely on products like Blue Clean to do the job. Being an office cleaner, you’ll have a lot of tasks to accomplish. Its imperative you keep a schedule of when you last polished the desks for example so you can keep track of everything and make sure everything is cleaned and maintained.

Doing the simplest of jobs like providing office cleaning services, you can get a pretty good income. Even without special training and further education, you can easily land office cleaning jobs in UK. As a janitor, office cleaner or custodian, you’ll be one of the people that keep processes in various businesses running. Through you and your duties of maintaining the upkeep of the premises, other people can do their jobs and don’t have to worry about the cleanliness of their office and the discomfort of working in a messy office.

In more detail, when you fill a position in office cleaning, you’ll be doing things from emptying garbage cans to cleaning carpets and mopping floors. In some offices, repair of building fixtures are part of the job description. Seasonal duties are composed of window washing, removing snow from the driveways and pathways. Essentially, with your skills in cleaning, you can already fill vacancies and positions of office cleaning jobs. For companies that require more skills on being a custodian, this would involve plumbing, electrical and carpentry work.

The main driving force of people to work in various jobs is the salary and for office cleaning jobs in the UK, it would depend on the place you get the job at. Experience also matters of course and if you have been doing cleaning jobs for quite a while, you’ll have a better chance of working in an office cleaning job where the salary you get depends on the knowledge you learned from experience. You can even quadruple your earnings in the office cleaning job if you reach supervisory positions. Ranks like these can be found in large organizations and corporations. But you can still have the chance to secure a great job cleaning offices when you work for small cleaning-provider businesses.

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