Office Cleaning Vs. Janitorial

While they may sound as though they are the same thing, office cleaning careers and janitorial careers are two different careers. Yes, they are in the same industry however they are constructed in two separate categories.

Office Cleaning Careers

Office cleaning careers are typically after business hours. Typically every business enlists the services of an office cleaning company with perhaps the exception of the small mom and pop shops. The cleaners are required to conduct their services after hours. They have the performance of detailed work which includes top to bottom cleaning off all areas of the building. The career is a profession and one that requires training. Although some companies may require you to dress in certain attire, others will not. And,unfortunately not all companies provide benefits to their employees. Employees can expect anything from having to pay for their own cleaning supplies to go on the jobs that they perform to the company supplying all cleaning supplies. Office cleaning careers are normally much lower scale in pay however; the benefit is that often the entry level worker leaves with enough knowledge to start their own business.

Janitorial Jobs

Janitorial jobs can be found through school districts, state buildings, hospitals and apartment blocks. Like the office cleaning position the janitor is responsible for maintaining the business’ property. The duties include typical cleaning duties such as mopping, dusting, polishing and vacuuming. The difference with the janitorial positions is normally an employee receives benefits and hourly wage is typically a bit higher. Janitors normally conduct their cleaning during normal business hours as well.

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