Part Time Cleaning Jobs

The world is full of careers. And, for those that do not want full-time employment or to go to school for a number of years to complete a degree there are still some very great opportunities. While your first thought might have been, “right, McDonald’s”, it is much more than a life flipping burgers.

And, this is one of the great opportunities for part-time workers that have no training. As it not only is a career that you will be trained in but one that offers much advancement, including the potential of owning your own business. The business? Part-time cleaning jobs, which are taking a lead in the workforce for employment opportunities for both men and women alike. And, for women with children, these are excellent jobs that can be managed when the children are at school.

Part-time cleaning jobs are just that. Part-time. There are many companies, the all famous Merry Maids that is one of them, that are notorious for hiring young women to work for them. While many of these companies are very low pay- Merry Maids included, this is not a better way to begin in the cleaning industry. Companies like Merry Maids are very known in the industry and the employee receives valuable training. You will also find many not so publicised companies that are excellent to work with. It will all be a matter of research and finding a company that is hiring. The cleaning profession is a wonderful profession. Often times the companies allow women or men to be in charge of a specific amount of homes to clean each week or set at a specific amount of hours. Or they may offer flexible part-time schedules.

So, how can one get started in this wonderful career and what can they expect? Start with the newspaper and the phone book. Check the want ads and apply to any cleaning companies that are hiring. Next open the phone book and make a list of local companies and call them asking them if they are taking applications. The state is also a great place to put in an application for a cleaning job.

What you can expect? Expect to work! Cleaning jobs are not simply “pushing the broom”. They involve muscle and detailing. It is a fine art to shining and one that you will be proud of each time you leave an establishment that you have cleaned. You can expect to be supplied with the cleaning supplies necessary to complete each job such as the cleaning products, the vacuum and towels and brushes and cleaning tools that are used in the industry. And, you can expect the training of your lifetime. So much so, that you likely will go on some day to form your own cleaning business and help out other part-timers like you.

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Arif February 23, 2011 at 4:43 pm

i am looking for cleaning job..i got training


sergio February 27, 2011 at 9:32 pm



Fazmin Ali February 28, 2011 at 10:33 am

I want to work as a part time member and i can do any kind of work which I get. So please be good enough to give me a job and I will do my job to the top I can do.


Lucas February 28, 2011 at 3:59 pm

I`ve already worked like office/restaurant cleaner in Rome and Turin, besides I worked like housekeeper from november to february in San Felice Circeo, Italy. I have some experience in that kind of services.


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