Types of Office Cleaning Jobs

There are different types of office cleaning jobs. It varies depending on the work load, schedule and terms of contract. Some work as part timers, full timers, evening shift and temporary workers. This job is ideal for those who have passion in serving people through cleaning and those people who have cleaning skills and talents.

The types of office cleaning jobs are full time cleaning, housekeeping, assistant executive housekeeper, office cleaner, part time housekeeping service and cleaning personnel. Full time cleaning is responsible in cleaning all areas of the workplace including the washrooms, department rooms, kitchen pantry, lounge, lobby and even hallway. He is also responsible in preventive maintenance work or minor repairs such as loose seat toilet bowls or minor fitting of things. He needs to do the dusting and vacuuming of the carpet.

The housekeeping is responsible in daily sanitation activities. She is accountable in cleaning the whole office. The assistant executive housekeeper is liable in supervising housekeeping activities if all tasks are being completed. He is responsible in checking the workplace and see if there are areas that need more sanitation or care. Sometimes experience is needed for this job because he may attend to some special guests. Office Cleaner is responsible in doing all the tasks that client requires such as cleaning the whole office, replacing office supplies, kitchen supplies and wash room supplies like tissues, liquid soaps, coffee, cream and sugar.

Part time housekeeping service work is similar to full time cleaning, the only difference is the time and the schedule of their work. They do the work occasionally or spend only few hours in the office. Cleaning personnel work may vary, depending on the duties that have been allotted to them. They do not need to do all the work; duties will be divided to them.

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